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Buy Property

First Commercial Realty is frequently asked by individuals and companies to assist them in purchasing commercial real estate where we are engaged by the buyer to represent their interests and not the interests of the seller. These buyer assignments require a thorough knowledge of the local markets and economic and demographic trends, and most importantly, the buyer's trust that we are representing their best interests. Our agents and brokers have earned this trust over several decades serving buyers for all size transactions.

Our buyer assignments include the following activities:

  • Initial sessions with the buyer to understand their requirements
  • Preparation of a written description of the buyer's needs. A Request for Proposals, RFP, may or may not be sent out to prospective sellers, depending on time and complexity of the requirements
  • Research of the market to identify the properties meeting the outlined needs, or if an RFP were used, an analysis of the proposals received
  • Discussion with buyer to determine a shortlist of properties and then preparation of a purchase offer or Letter of Intent
  • Contract negotiation
  • Closing